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The Bigfoot 120 - Or Why a Spiritual Evolution Will Be Necessary To Finish My First 100+ Race

Candice Burt has not so quietly become the most seductively insane race evangelists in the country. At least as far as 100s go she threw out bait I just couldn't resist. The Bigfoot 120. It's like running after a lithe trail-running fairy princess into a dewy mountain meadow of daisies. I love my hometown Cascade mountain range and for a couple years now have dreamed of completing my first 100 here in my beloved home state or somewhere close by. But races such as the Cascade Crest 100 have lotteries, Badger suffers from notoriously bad weather and a slew of bad reviews, Mountain Lakes 100 down in Oregon seems kinda "meh" (I really don't want to see the same trail twice) and a bunch of others outside the state are just out of my price range. Pine to Palm has tempted me in the past but its fair share of logging roads don't sound appealing to me anymore. Since my DNF in Leadville I've been looking for something more local and perhaps more reason