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The Seattle Ultra 48

I'm going to name this race after the 48 bus route. It would basically run from one end of the route to the other. The run itself would not follow the route it would just start and end at either end of the 48. I ran about half of it yesterday as shown below on the map (19.3 miles). The Ultra 48 would reverse this course and continue on via the burke gilman all the way to Golden Gardens. The course would begin with a loop at Seward Park and run north along Lake Washington, running through the Arboretum, across the Foster Island Trail through UW's Union Bay Trail and Natural Area, up to the Burke Gilman out to the Fremont bridge and across, then hitting the trail and walking path through SPU, then across 15th St W to the locks, across the locks and then hitting the last section of the Burke to Golden Gardens. Or something like that.

Born to Run 50k (60k)

Pictures to follow hopefully. As you can see below the race took place at Soaring Eagle Regional Park. Here is one version of one lap in the park (for the 50k I had to do this lap 3 times plus a couple other minor loops added in): Garmin Map And word on the street is that I was the only one to likely finish all 50k. The course was we all tried to run a little extra just in case. I estimate running an extra 5k-10k as when running much of the final lap with the race organizer, a man by the name of Porter, we figured out that I'd run quite a bit extra on the final half of the course..and had done so all three laps. Porter also admitted to having flagged this section of the course in the dark. Race results here .

Scottish Lakes High Camp

Did several trail runs in the Chiwaukum Sept 30th - Oct 2nd. On the map featured below is a nice 8 miler all downhill and all rock and roll. Other great runs included one to Lake Chiwakum and one to Loch Eileen, both featured on the map below. Some of the sights: Shown below is the cabin we stayed in at Scottish Lakes High Camp. High Camp is open Fall season through Spring and I can't say enough about how great my first experience was there. Friendly people and beautiful hikes...I can't wait to go back and ski it. For more info visit .