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76 Miles and 28.5 Hours

This was my contribution to the Bigfoot 120. It also represents possibly the most fun I've had yet at an ultra race despite the epic weather. Despite a lot of things. I'm super proud of my 78 miles and 28 plus hours of running as well as my first ever all night running achievement. These and flashes of apocalyptic scenery from what little was illuminated by sun and LED are what I'll take with me into the dark recesses of my memory. But for all the fun I had this race review is full of rant, controversy, bliss, and a side of my very first hallucination. Yey! Pics From the Weekend. First the rant. My God! what have we allowed to be done to our public lands? From the google satellite view there appears to be, all around the first 40 miles of Bigfoot, the squared off clear-cuts of Washington State s 'sustainable' logging operations. Jesus. No, really, Jesus help us. I used to be not totally against logging but it's just so spiritually ugly I just can

Poop-Moss and a 50% Fugly White River 50

...On the Path to Bigfoot 120. If the White River 50 were ever in need of a refresh, the time would be now. White River was my first ultra, and the race that for me inspired many more ultras. It was here I was introduced to the runners high, where a race director named Scott showed me how runner comradery could result in a type of youthful optimism that infused every racer and volunteer at White River with a 24 hour natural-high. It was as if this well-established ultra-community seemed to be hopped up on some uppers which may or may not have been snuck into the pasta feed the night before. Above all, White River showed me running was fun, no matter how much personal torture I might be going through. And ever since I’ve told everyone who’ll listen that it’s the people and the smiles that make the race more than anything else. Fast forward to July 25th, 2015, give yourself the cloudiest wettest weekend in Seattle so far this year, half a course v-shaped with the rutted after-tho