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The Seattle Marathon +

The Seattle Marathon is a crappy crappy marathon. I've held this opinion ever since I ran the marathon three or four years ago. Besides having two out and backs (I detest out and backs) a good portion of the course is on concrete which just plain hurts. Add to that I'm used to running against traffic with my right leg slightly upslope from my left. This course ran a good portion on the right side of the road...which was fatiguing. Finally I would like to say that the course has a couple rather inexplicable route selections that are extremely steep. The first is a sudden uphill in Madison Park and the second is a steep downhill by the REI near the end of the course. I call these inexplicable because both are unnecessary and easily corrected. But of course what made this race epic was the heavy rain runners experienced for nearly the whole duration. (Also why can't the finish line be inside the Key Arena instead of outside in the crumbling ruins that are the Memoria

the 100-up

More barefoot running tips from Christopher McDougall. Check this out: The Once and Future Way to Run . Also check his video .

Epistemology, Evolution, God, and Barefoot Running.

This whole experiment in barefoot running has for me been a revelation. Before two years ago I'd never heard of the concept save for a few vague references to those crazy Kenyans winning marathons. Nor had I heard of ultras or super-athletes or anything like it before this "new fad" started to hit locally. My first knowledge of barefoot running came with the advent of vibram five fingers in my local REI store and then with my own first experimentation with running barefoot with the Vibrams. For me it was a novel experience, although as I'm learning and increasingly believing there is nothing novel about it. I am a child of this so-called post-modern age but I grew up with modern beliefs and technology and learned and tried to live using both. And as enlightened as I'd like to believe I am now most of what I was taught and learned however tainted still affects much of my life. I am who I am, and most of who I am grew up Modernist. But what is the nature of